The MDHI offers grants to encourage faculty to create new courses that bring together digital humanities and community engagement, or to incorporate these practices into existing courses. More information about course development grants and applications can be found here.

Previous courses supported by the MDHI include:

  • Fall 2016: Purposeful Curiosity (SOC 373), Sarah Stanlick 
  • Fall 2016: Values and Ethics of Community-Engaged Research (SOAN 120 / HMS 120), Sarah Stanlick
  • Fall 2016: Curating the Past in Bethlehem (HIST 090), Cory Fischer-Hoffman and Alison Kanosky
  • Spring 2016: Advanced Seminar in Art History, Public Access for Historic Exhibitions: Digitizing the Scrapbooks of the Lehigh Art Gallery, 1928-1940, Nicholas Sawicki
  • Spring 2016: Introduction to Film: Video Blogging at the Frank Banko Alehouse Cinema, Michael Kramp
  • Spring 2016: Communities in Post-Industrial America, Alison Kanosky
  • Fall 2015: Introduction to Digital Humanities, Ed Whitley and Deep Singh
  • Fall 2015: Urban Wastelands: Techniques in Digital History, Alison Kanosky

The following are some examples of previous courses taught at Lehigh that incorporated digital humanities and community engagement. While these courses were not sponsored through the Mellon grant, they embody the spirit of the MDHI’s objectives of drawing together digital technology and community collaboration:

  • Digital Humanities and History (John Pettegrew, American Studies),
  • Techniques in Public History (Kim Carrell-Smith, History)
  • Documentary Storytelling (Julia Maserjian, History)
  • Documentary Video (John Pettegrew and Julia Maserjian, History) 
  • “Walk the Walk” Video Workshop Parts I and II (Julia Maserjian, Elia Schoomer, Allen Kingsbury, Jarret Brown and Shanti Thakur) 
    In this faculty workshop, participants discussed community collaboration, ethics and copyright. Teams directed, shot and edited short documentaries about Bethlehem’s south side and screened their films at the SouthSide Film Festival.
  • Techniques in Public History (Kim Carrell-Smith, History) 
    Students conducted oral histories of Bethlehem residents.
  • History and Community Memory (Kim Carrell-Smith, History)
  • Community Study through Documentary (Julia Maserjian, American Studies) 
    Students produced a film on the transition from Bethlehem Steel to the Sands Casino. You can watch the film here.
  • Environmental Values and Ethics (Breena Holland, Political Science/Environmental Studies)
  • Organizing for Democracy (Ted Morgan, Political Science)
  • Literature and Social Justice  (Seth Moglen, English)
  • Environmental Policy and Planning (Breena Holland, Political Science/Environmental Studies)
  • Food Culture and the Politics of the Plate (Jenna Lay, English)
  • Research Methods and Data Analysis (Judy Lasker, Sociology/Anthropology)